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Bratislava City Tours, why to not book a free tours

Bratislava City Tours

bct | 18. May 2023

Are city tours provided by Bratislava City Tours better than free tours? While free tours can be an appealing option for budget-conscious travelers, there are a few reasons why you should not book them and use “pre-paid tours” as an alternative: Ultimately, the choice between booking a free or paid tour depends on your preferences, […]

Bratislava group sightseeing, Bratislava walking tour

Bratislava Group Sightseeing

bct | 17. May 2023

Are you looking for Bratislava Group Sightseeing? Contact us and get the best offer for discounted prices. We offer you for your group tailored made offer for charming capital city of Slovakia, but also for whole Slovakia including a day trip to Vienna or Budapest. Bratislava, the charming capital city of Slovakia, is a hidden […]

Craft Beer Tasting of Bratislava for Groups

Craft Beer Tasting of Bratislava for Groups

bct | 24. February 2023

Craft Beer Tasting of Bratislava for Groups is a perfect incentive itinerary for your group. The Slovakian capital and Slovakia itself has a long tradition of beer tasting. The team of Bratislava City Tours has prepared special beer program for groups. You can choose one of the Craft Beer Tasting of Bratislava for Groups programs. […]

Sport clubs in Bratislava, Tehelne Pole football stadium

Sport Clubs in Bratislava

bct | 17. February 2023

Bratislava has the rich history of sport clubs. Discover with us the most popular clubs of Slovakian capital. Football ŠK Slovan Bratislava SK Slovan Bratislava is one of the oldest and most popular football clubs of Slovakia. Slovan Bratislava was founded in 1919 year after the I. World War after creation the first Czecho-Slovakia. The […]

ITB Berlin, the leading travel fair, meet Bratislava City Tours

Bratislava City Tours at ITB Berlin 2023

bct | 16. February 2023

Bratislava City Tours the leading provider of sightseeing tours, day trips, private tours in Bratislava and day trips from Vienna to Bratislava as a part of E-TRAVEL.SK will exhibit at ITB Berlin 2023 , the leading travel fair focused on B2B. Meet us at hall 1.1., stand 204 – The national stand of Slovakia and […]

Bratislava's Imperial Heritage, old city of Bratislava at dusk

Bratislava’s Imperial Heritage

bct | 10. February 2023

Did you know that once Bratislava was a capital city of Hungarian part of powerful Austro – Hungarian Empire? Let’s discover with us the imperial heritage of Bratislava. Bratislava Castle The most iconic building of Bratislava, is Bratislava Castle located on the castle hill above the historical city center. One of the most popular and […]

vienna airport to bratislava transfer, car photos

Transfer from Vienna Airport to Bratislava

bct | 26. January 2023

Book with us a private transfer from Vienna airport to your address in Bratislava. Avoid arrival stress and let us manage everything. The transfer with Bratislava City Tours is the best way how to get to Slovakian capital when arriving via Vienna Airport.

Wine Bratislava, Palugayu wino at Titanic

Wine Bratislava

bct | 24. January 2023

Wine Bratislava has been a good combination for ages. Discover with Bratislava City Tours a little bit about the bright past, present and future of wine cultivation in Slovakian capital. First written mentions about the wine cultivation in Bratislava we have from middle age. In all Europe the climate was quite warm and Slovakia had […]

From Bratislava: Half day trip to Trnava

From Bratislava: Fantastic One Day Trips Suggestions

bct | 4. April 2022

The travelers mostly spend their city breaks in the capital city of the country. Slovakian Capital Bratislava is not an exception. The majority of the tourist spend their time just in Bratislava. Historical city center as well as the Small Carpathian Wine Road located in outskirts of Bratislava are definitely worth of visit. But why […]

Coronation of Maria Theresa in Bratislava

Anniversary of coronation of Maria Theresa & cathedral of St. Martin.

bct | 23. June 2021

On 25.06.21 we will celebrate 280th anniversary of coronation of Maria Theresa as a Hungarian queen in 1741 in Bratislava, at St. Martin’s Cathedral. Every year Bratislava reminds the coronation history of Bratislava by Coronations Days. This year the Coronations Days should be on 25 -27.06.21, but the event due to pandemic situation have been […]

Bratislava Mice Event

Bratislava as an ideal location for MICE event

bct | 6. May 2021

Bratislava as one of the youngest capital cities in Europe, and also in the world, thanks to its unique location is a ideal place for MICE event. Bratislava is located on border of three states, Austria, Hungary and Czech republic. It is easily accessible, as Vienna airport is located just 45  km from Bratislava’s city […]

20% discount on entrance to

20% discount on entrance to UFO observation deck

bct | 11. June 2020

We are glad to announce a new partnership between Bratislava City Tours & UFO watch. taste. groove. All the clients booking any service with Bratislava City Tours will get as an added value a 20% discount coupon on entrance to UFO observation deck. The UFO observation deck is one of the top attractions of Bratislava, […]

10 facts you should now about Slovakia right now

10 Facts you should know about Slovakia right now

bct | 8. June 2020

Slovakia is considered as one of the most effective countries battling with COVID-19 virus. We had just 1500 infected people in total with mortality 28 people (everybody over 70 years old suffering with another disease). Hotels are already opened from end of the May for both leisure & business travel. Slovakia has already open borders […]

Bratislava in one day: The top sights of the city in 24 hours

bct | 28. May 2020

Bratislava even thoug is not a big city has a lot of to offer and one day to explore Bratislava is not enough. Bratislava it is not just historical city center, but Bratislava is also the inconic Blue Church, Blumental Church, one of the oldest building in Slovakia – teh Devin castle. At Devin castle […]

Top 3 Christmas Cookies

Top 3 Sslovakian Soft Christmas Cookies

bct | 19. December 2019

Christmas are just around the corner and we would like to present some popular Christmas Cookies what can not miss on the Christmas table of slovak family. Vanilkove rozky (Vanilla Rolls) Vanilla Rolls traditional Slovakian Christmas Cookies, are typical for Slovakia like Christmas Three. No one can image a Christmas without them. Medvedie labky (Beer […]

Bratislava transfer

Bratislava Transfer by Bratislava City Tours

bct | 2. April 2019

Bratislava Transfer Bratislava City Tours Transfer is one of the leading Bratislava transfer companies and Vienna transfer companies when it comes to trustworthiness and reliability. Our transfer service has been operated by a filed of transportation experts for over a decade. Our passengers enjoy many expedient options from key locations at Bratislava airport and Vienna airport. […]

Small Carpathian Wine Roa

Small Carpathian Wine Route

bct | 27. February 2019

Wine Region just a few steps from Bratislava It is not well known, that Slovakia is not just a beer and beer lovers country, but it is also wine country with developed wine culture. Altogether Slovakia has eight wine growing regions. The most well known it is Tokaj Region. Tokaj region is a famous wine […]

Bratislava`s opera

Bratislava’s Opera

bct | 29. January 2019

Bratislava’s opera is the first Slovak opera stage founded in 1920, 2 years after the creation of independent Czechoslovakia. It launched its activities in the building of the former city opera in Bratislava built in the second half of the 19th century to design by the eminent Vienna-based architects Helmer & Fellner. Managment of Bratislava’s […]

Bratislava in 3 Days

Bratislava in 3 Days

bct | 24. January 2019

Do you have just 3 days to explore Bratislava? As Bratislava is more cozy than large, 3 days it is enough to get know the city well. Let`s discover with us Bratislava in 3 days. Day 1 – explore & enjoy First get an overview of the city! Book Bratislava Grand City Tour & Bratislava […]

Where To Eat The Best Burgers In Bratislava

bct | 14. December 2018

Juicy meat, homemade sauces and crispy buns: Bratislava offers a large selection of excellent burger restaurant, even Bratislava is becoming “the Mecca” of burgers with so many burger restaurants of high quality. On our blog, we show you the 3 best burger restaurants in the city. ESTÉVEČKA  The bagel in Estevecka is one of the […]

Christmas Market in Bratislava

Bratislava Christmas Markets 2018

bct | 7. November 2018

When it’s cold outside and the air is filled with the tempting scents of cinnamon, vanilla, oranges, cloves and mulled wine, you can hear on the streets Christmas carols, it’s time for Christmas market. Bratislava has very famous christmas market, which is very popular with the locals as well as with visitors of Bratislava. In […]

Bratislava rolls

Bratislava Rolls

bct | 22. August 2018

Most iconic product of Bratislava Bratislava rolls are the most iconic product of Bratislava. The first written notice about them is from 16th century. There are two kinds of Bratislava rolls : Poppy rolls in shape of horse shoe and nut rolls in shape of letter C. Later this pecularity been served also in Vienna`s […]


bct | 10. July 2018

Restaurants in Bratislava getting quality every year and although Bratislava still does not have a Michelin restaurant, the quality of local gastronomy is getting better and better every year. In this article we try to highlight top restaurants in Bratislava in tourist category. Thanks to unique location, as Bratislava lies on frontier of Slovakia, Austria, […]

Running in Bratislava

Running in Bratislava

bct | 29. June 2018

Running has becoming more and more popular also in Slovakia and above all in Bratislava. The proof of this is that CSOB Marathon is bigger and bigger. In this article you can read a few tips for running paths in Bratislava for short staying visitors of Bratislava as well as for those who plan to […]

How to get to bratislava during Bratislava Grand City Tour Sightseeing Tour

How to get to Bratislava

bct | 22. June 2018

Bratislava thanks to its unique location, whereas lies as almost only capital city in the world on border line of three countries – Slovakia, Austria and Hungary. That`s why you can get to Bratislava with ease  and there are almost endless posibilities how to get here. Bratislava Airport Bratislava airport is mainly focusing on low […]

Top 10 Bratislava sights

Top 10 Bratislava Sights

bct | 13. June 2018

If you decided to visit Bratislava, the hidden gem on Danube, no matter whether you plan to stay here and enjoy Bratislava for couple of days or you plan just to visit Bratislava for one day trip from Vienna below we try to higlight you the top sights what you can seen in Bratislava. All […]