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1. Personal data

The company E-TRAVEL.SK, Nam. Sv Floriana 25/34, 013 03 Varin, ID No.: 36426067, registered with the BR of the DC in Zilina, insert No.: 15756/L (hereiafter reffered as “E-TRAVEL”
as the Provider shall process personal  data in line with generally binding legal regulations of the Slovak Republic, in particular, Act No. 122/2013 Coll on Personal Data Protection and
on ammendments and supplements to certain acts, as amended by Act No. 84/2014 Coll., as amended (hereinafter referred to as the “Act”).

The company E-TRAVEL shall process the personal data of clients for the purposes of booking, sale, and use of services by the clients in the accommodation facilities of the Provider and monitoring of their use. Personal data shall be processed for the period necessary to meet the purpose of their processing – booking, sale, and use of services by the clients, however not longer
than for period of twelve months after collection of the data. The personal data processed for the purpose of booking, sale and use services provided by E-TRAVEL shall be processed by the company E-TRAVEL as the Provider without any consent of the affected persons necessary, in line with section 10 (3) (b) of the Act.

The E-TRAVEL as the Provider shall process the personal data of the clients for the purposes of marketing only with the explict consent of the clients, which may be granted by filling their data at the online booking and by clicking on consent with processing of  the personal data.

The extent of the personal data processed for the purpose of marketing shall contain: name & surname, e-mail adress, phone number and residential adress. By filling in the data at the online booking by clicking on consent with processing the data in the extent of name & surname, e-mail adress, phone, and residential adress to  the provider to provide them to his business partners. At the same time, the clients provide the Provider with their consent with transfering their personal data abroad (within European Union).  The E-TRAVEL as the provider hereby undertakes that it shall not handle and use the data in violation with generally binding regulations. The consent with procesing of the personal data shall be granted binding legal regulations. The consent with processing of the personal data shall be granted for the period of twelve months and the clients are able to withdraw their consent at any time in writing by submitting their withdrawal of the consent to the registreated seat of provider, except the cases in which the Act stipulates otherwise. By granting their consent, the clients also confirm that they were informed on their rights under the Act (in particular Section 28 of the Act), as well as Act No. 40/1964 Coll. (Civil Code), as amended, especially on information on the status of processing of their personal data in the IT system, on the possibility to revise incorrect or outdated personal data and deletion of personal data processed if the processing purpose was met, and deletion of the personal data in case of violation of the Act, and they confirm that the provided personal data are in line with the reality, that they are complete, true and accurate, and at the same time, they grant their consent with receiving commercial and advertising materials (newsletters) on any services provided byt the Provider and his business partners via any electronic way (e-mail, sms) for the period of 3 years. The client may withdraw this consent at any time in writting by submitting the consent withdrawal to the contact adress of the provider or the e-mail adress in the newsletter.

While processing personal data, the company E-TRAVEL as the Provider may execute processing operations which include international transfer of provided personal data abroad within Europe Union.

The E-TRAVEL uses highly ethical standards and respect the privacy of the clients. With the exception of providing the data as required by law or other generally biding legal regulations, the Provider shall not provide any personal data to third party without prior consent of the clients.

In line with the law of Slovak Republic, the E-TRAVEL as the Provider shall execute all measures to process personal data in a way that the affected persons are properly and in time informed on their rights they have under the legal regulations of the Slovak Republic, as well as EU legislation and regulation, moreover binding international agreements and conventions. In case of receipt of justifed request of the affected person, the Provider shall handle it within 30 days after its receipt.

The affected person is entitled to use the written request to ask for information on whether his or her personal data are being processed in the IT system of the Provider, what is source of the personal data, the information on the extent or list processed personal data, correction or deletion of incomplete, incorrect or outdated personal data, deletion of the personal data the purpose of which has been met or which are being processed without authorisation.

The affected person is entitled to object the processing of personal data for purpose other than those for which the personal data were lawfully provided and to processing of personal data which may affect the person`s rights and interests protected by law without authorisation and substantion, unless the objection is not justifed. In such cas, the Provider is obligated to block personal data without delay and delete them as soon as possible.

In case of suspicion of unauthorisated personal data processing, the affected person is entetitled to file a motion with the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic on start of proceedings on personal data protection.

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