Bratislava Old Town Cake Tasting Experience

14.00 per person

Tour description

Discover the baking legacy of Bratislava on a cake tasting experience. Try three types of traditional cakes at an old-fashioned Spusta Cafe and hear more about the history of each sweet dish.

Discover the delicious flavors of traditional Slovakian cake and pastries with this tasting in Bratislava. Taste the rich flavors of a Krémeš, Punčový rez and Dobošová rez cakes. 

Meet your host in the cozy Spusta Café. Enjoy a short presentation on each dessert you are served. Start with an authentic Punčový rez with flavor of rum. Hear the story behind how this pastry was developed.
Next, savor the vanilla pudding-filled and whipped cream topped Krémeš cake. Find out about this treat from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Finish with a tasty Dobošový rez pastry.

Departure from

Spusta Cafe - Sedlarska 10, Bratislava

Departure time

10:00 am - 07:00 pm


all year round


cca. 30 min


  • Indulge yourself with a tasting of historical cakes and pastries
  • Enjoy the cozy ambience of a traditional café in the Old Town
  • Experience the traditional café culture of Bratislava
  • Learn about traditional Slovakian desserts
  • Savor the delectable flavors of three unique dishes


  • 3 cakes and pastries


  • Drinks
  • Transportation