Bratislava Malt House Beer

Save the water, drink the beer!

13.00 per person

Tour description

Bratislava Malt House Beer Tasting is the beer tasting of specialty beers at cozy ambience of Malt House Sladovna, located directly in a historical city center of Bratislava.

Taste either 3 or 4 samples of specialty beer depending on chosen experience. All offered beer is brewed by traditional recipe of pilsner style beer, following the standards of this beer strictly contains only water, malt, hop and brewing yeast. Malt used while making SLADOVŇA – MAXMILIAN beer comes from a malt house significant by its hand made malt, making this a true first class malt. Our beer are hopped mostly with the special type of hop ŽATECKY POLORANY ČERVENAK which belongs to the group of best hops because of its clean flavor. SLADOVŇA – MAXMILIAN beer is made without additional chemicals and it’s ripening at least one month and longer. Contains only a natural amount of CO2.
The option Small Tasting includes 3 samples of specialty beer with pretzel. The option King’s Tasting includes 4 samples of specialty beer with traditional either ham or cheese beer snack.

Departure from

Sladovna Beer House, Venturska street 5, Bratislava

Departure time

from 01:00 pm - 09:00 pm


all year round


30 min - 1 hour


  • Samples of specialty beer
  • Beer snack
  • Cozy ambience of Malt House Sladovna


  • 3 or 4 samples of specialty beer depending on chosen option
  • traditional beer snack


  • beer guid
  • extra drinks or snacks

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