Classical Bratislava Walking Tour with Beer Tasting

First beer tasting tour in Bratislava!

50.00 per person

Tour description

Classical walking tour in Bratislava with beer tasting is the best way how to get know the city quite well and also taste the local beer.
This tour is designed not only for beer lovers. The walking tour takes two hours, afterwards start beer tasting in local beer pub/ restaurant.

Classical Bratislava Walking Tour with Beer Tasting Itinerary

Classical walking  tour with beer tasting in Bratislava starts with meeting with the guide at 12:00 am in front of Radsson Blu Carlton hotel, Bratislava. Short basic introduction of Bratislava and Slovakia. The guide will open up you history of one of the most youngest capital cities, and states of Europe – Bratislava & Slovakia. You will hear about ancient history of Slovakia, when the old Slavs, the precedessor of modern Slovaks inhabited Slovakia and created Great Moravia Empire, thru times when Slovakia was part of Hungarian and afterwards Austro – Hungarian Empire.

They tell you legends from time from time when the name of the city was Prespork and not Bratislav and it was a capital city of Hungarian Kingdom, Hungarian kings and queens were crowned here. The story continues to time of first Czechoslovakia and during II. W.W. time of controversial Slovak war state. You will also hear about the darkness of tumes of comunism in Slovakia and also bout the hope which brought Velver revolution. The result of Velver revolution was at the end independent Slovakia, since 2004 the member of European Union.

You will discover during two hours walking tour all main highlights of Bratislava starting from Opera House, Reduta bulding, continue to Main Square, Old Town Hall, the oldest bulding of Bratislava Franciscan Church, hidden gem of Bratislava – Primate’s Palace, St. Michael’s Gate, Segner House, Mozart House, Academia Istropolitana and finishing at St. Martin’s Cathedral.

After the tour the guide bring you to the traditional Bratislava’s pub/ restaurant where you will have beer tasting – 3 samples of local fine beer with pretzel.

If you would like to book just a tour without beer tasting book Bratislava Classical Walking Tour.



Departure from

Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel Bratislava

Departure time



all year round


2 hours


  • Primate’s Palace
  • Old Town Hall
  • Main Square
  • Franciscan Church
  • St. Martin’s Cathedral
  • Michael’s Gate
  • Presidential Palace
  • Old Cathedral of Saint John of Matha and Saint Felix of Valois


  • Profesional tour guide
  • 3 samples of local beer in local brewery with pretzel


  • Hotel pick – up
  • Hotel drop off
  • Entrance fees